Organisation of sports trips

Organisation of sports trips

Are you a committed member of a sports association? Perhaps you are a supervisor or educator? 

Do you want to organise a sports trip in the medium or long term? 

This pressure to organise a structured trip is healthy: you challenge yourself and reassure your office and future participants. 

However, some questions remain.

What can I forget in my list of tasks? What feedback can I get? How can I act within a tight budget? 

Here are some initial answers.


How do you plan a sports trip?

The list of things to anticipate is long: transport, accommodation, meals, budget, liability insurance, programme, motivation, fatigue.

The first thing to do is to list everything. An Excel spreadsheet will be your ideal ally.


How to organise your sports trip?

You may be a novice or experienced in terms of tours organisation. You can already base yourself on the history of your society, association, school, college or organisation. Perhaps someone has already organised a trip in the past or a parent has already helped. If this is not the case, with your forecast in hand, pick up the phone to ask people around you or your colleagues for structuring advice.


How to finance or fundraise a team tour?

A sports trip budget cannot be improvised, as you will have understood. Membership fees, public or private subsidies, own funds, fundraising, credit, exceptional grants: solutions exist but are not easy to handle. Some try to finance their projects via participatory platforms. Anyway, local sponsors are more than useful !

If you want to custom your tour kits or sport tour shirt, therefore, you need to budget it too with your supplier.



When should you make a sports trip in France or abroad?

This depends on whether you practice indoors or outdoors. The proximity of an accommodation will facilitate the transfers which can be done by walk, except if transfers of specific equipment.

A coach or minibus will make this easier, but will raise issues of drivers, break times, pay, insurance and parking fees.

For foreigners, minors will require a permit to leave the country. There are also language, regulatory and insurance issues. Travel insurance is sometimes useful. Not forgetting identity cards or passports.


How can you make a sporting trip in winter?

Yes, winter brings with it certain complications. First of all, equipment such as chains or snow tyres are sometimes required for driving. For sportsmen and women, this means that warm clothing and equipment must be carried, washed, dried, etc. What about outdoor conditions that weaken the organism?


What travel luggage do you recommend for athletes?

Carrying a kayak, poles or horses does not require the same logistics as carrying a bunch of balls. In addition to the equipment, you will need to think about training clothes, match clothes, practice clothes, secondary equipment and even cleaning utensils. And this varies according to the number of participants: the logistics quickly become significant.  Make sure to wear your team jerseys, your uniform or jackets and the equipment to play fixtures.


Which agency to contact to organise a sports trip for your team?

A specialised agency can help you organise your sports trip or course. Since 2005, schools and clubs have been simply entrusting this task to agencies like ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours

ComeOn Sport specializes in organizing sports trips for all-inclusive stays.

Just like a travel agency, we can organise a trip, a sports trip.


Multi-sport trips with ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours

Whether it’s during the school holidays (spring, winter or summer holidays) or the rest of the year, during weekends, almost at the last minute, we take care of your sports holidays.

No matter what sport you practice in team or group: hiking, trekking, mountain biking, climbing, trail, rugby, football, basketball, running, snowshoeing, sliding, water sports, mountaineering ….

Nb: We do NOT do language stays, discovery tours, individual training courses, general school trips, business trips, nor world tours, nor summer camps and even less cruises 😉

We focus on our speciality, namely the organisation of your sports trip.

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